Hidden Gems of San Francisco

Seward Street Slides

San Francisco is full of hidden gems.  Many of these hidden gems exploit the city's hilly topography in some way.  The Seward Street slides, made of concrete actually runs down a natural hill from the height of about a three floor building.  These are fun.  If you want to go especially fast, bring a flattened cardboard box on which to ride.  To get there get to the Intersection of Seward and Douglass, which is shown on the map below and then continue to climb Seward.

Slip Slidin Away


6th Avenue Aquarium and Flowers

Located at 425 Clement St., between 5th and 6th, in San Francisco's Inner Richmond, this shop always reminds me of a James Bond film.  From the front, it appears to be a florist but behind the flowers, there is a large aquarium shop, full of beautiful salt and fresh water fish.  The stock changes constantly and many surprises are often in store.  For example, on the fourth of July one year they had red and white and blue and white, Koi.  Also, at the back of the shop, there is a narrow stairway that leads to a narrow catwalk with more fish and overviews of the ground floor.